#25 – Austin Music Award Win #3

Welcome to Season 3 of A Brodingnagian Minute. We’re back with more zany bardic goodness… whatever that may be. This month, we’re happy to say we WON in the Austin Music Awards, plus lots of rambling on the usual bardic … Continue reading

#17 – Live from the Austin Music Awards

Notes: Voted “Best None of the Above” in the 2006-2007 Austin Music Awards KUT with John Aielli Thanks to everyone who voted for us, Other winners we met: Guitar Center, Lucid Dementia, Eklektikos, John Aielli, KUT, and Bobby Bones, Shameless … Continue reading

#5 – A New Year

A Brobdingnagian Minute RSS Feed http://www.thebards.net/mp3/ABrobdingnagianMinute.xml Download A Brobdingnagian Minute (15.5MB) Notes: Holidays in Review New Ren Fest Compilation CD: The Circle Happy Songs of Death Sleeping Habits of Musicians Vote in the Austin Music Awards Song this week: “A … Continue reading