#37: 10 Things to do with Worn Out Brobdingnagian Bards CDs

Photo by GRHookPhoto.com

Photo by GRHookPhoto.com

As we prepare for our reunion show at Sherwood Forest Faire, wandering through the grounds, we record a podcast for the world to hear!

And our theme is: What you can do with worn out Bards CDs? When they’ve been listened to far too often, rendering them useless for further musical perusal? Here are our suggestions…

10. Coaster!
9. Oriental Star – be a CD ninja!
8. Frisbee
7. Mirror
6. Christmas Ornaments
5. Reflect on the Virgin Song (?)
4. Confounding Jugglers at Ren Faires
3. Sundial (using a recorder!)
2. “Fun” things to do in your microwave (Disclaimer: Don’t try this at home. DANGER.)
1. Wall Art!

What would YOU do with your worn out Bards CD?

Yesterday’s show was great! The show went well, the crowd was fun, and we were good – we didn’t go over time! We went through a bunch of old favorites, and some others that we rarely play for some of our die hard fans.

Most importantly, as we log off, in order to replace your beloved CDs, go to thebards.net to replenish and restock your shelves!

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